Friday, December 15, 2006

Hillary's Healthcare Nightmare

Hillary Clinton has recently been threatening introduce "single payer" healthcare in the senate. After viewing this video - it doesn't look like such a good idea.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My First Video

I have completed my first ever music video. Check it out.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

US/Mexican Extradition Treaty

In an effort to find out more about exactly what "deprivation of liberty" was(the offense Dog, Leland and Tim Chapman are reportedly accused of by Mexico) and just how mexico enforces it (I couldn't find anything and eventually realized that if I did it would probably be in spanish.), I found the US/Mexican Extradition Treaty online. It is interresting for two points:

1. Extradition is to take place for offenses punishable in both countries.
2. An appendix listing the offenses does not include "deprivation of liberty" or bounty hunting.
Here is the relevent portion of the treaty:

ARTICLE 2 - Extraditable Offenses
1. Extradition shall take place, subject to this Treaty, for wilful acts which fall within any of the clauses of the Appendix and are
punishable in accordance with the laws of both Contracting Parties [emphasis added] by deprivation of liberty the maximum of [*9] which shall not be less than one year.

2. If extradition is requested for the execution of a sentence, there shall be the additional requirement that the part of the sentence remaining to be served shall not be less than six months.

3. Extradition
shall also be granted for willful acts which, although not being included in the Appendix, are punishable, in accordance with the federal laws of both Contracting Parties[emphasised added], by a deprivation of liberty the maximum of which shall not be less than one year.

An interesting factoid that may or may not be related to the arrest of the Chapmans' is that two days later this article was filed by an Associated Press writer Mexico drug kingpin extradited to U.S.. Evidentally the US mad the extradition request for Arellano Felix in June of 2003.

It is all very very fishy!